About Me

IF YOU ARE LOST FOLLOW ME...And Ill tell you why... 

If you have ever followed me on Instagram or SnapChat – you will see that my love for food, fashion, adventure, and travel – is what consumes my life, that and my openness about my sober life and how hard it sometimes it!!

Anyways this section is about me… I thought the best way to tell you a little bit about myself is to give you the 18 most random facts about me:

  1. I love watching the 30Rock series – once a year
  2. I once worked in a Rehab Treatment Centre
  3. I love the colour Purple and Black
  4. I love researching and learning about random facts about anything and everything
  5. Adventure is my favourite A word
  6. I love fashion and truly appreciate the art behind it
  7. Australia is the farthest place I have ever been to
  8. My favourite number is 7!
  9. I’ll go anywhere for good music and even better food
  10. I really want to go to Asia one day
  11. Peru was one of my most memorable adventure vacation with Marla
  12. I love Broccoli but I hate Cauliflower
  13. When I do a good deed, I don’t have tell anyone – because I do it for myself and the other person
  14. I love going to AA meetings
  15. I love RedBull, but I know I have to cut back on it
  16. Ill eat anything, but Cauliflower and Cilantro
  17. I lived in LA for a brief 3+ years of my life
  18. I was just diagnosed with tinnitus 🙁

So, That is a little bit about me. But as I continue to develop and grow my blog, I will always be adding to this page. The above 17 facts will never change – unless i make it to Asia someday soon – only added to!


Love Always

Ashley - If You're Lost, Follow Me