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Weekend Getaway Packing – Tips and Tricks – Ashley Kyron

Weekend Getaway Packing – Tips and Tricks

You know when you are going for a weekend getaway to New York or Florida and you arrive and realize that you have either brought too much stuff or not forgot to bring the essentials – and then you find yourself at the closet CVS trying to buy what you need for the weekend, but not too much because you don’t want to waste the money on a regular size of shampoo/ have to check your luggage on the way home because of the liquids. I have experienced every type of travelling incident one can encounter over my years of flying back and forth from Los Angeles to Toronto – and I have decided not be selfish and to share my tips and tricks with you!

  1. Always make a list of things you need. Start making this list at least 3 days before you leave – make a note on your phone, so you can easily add items to your list!
  2. Do laundry, also at least 3 days before you leave – so you have lots of clean underwear and any tops or pants you may need to take with you – keep these items aside so you don’t end up wearing them before you go away and get them dirty!
  3. Decide between a carry on or a check bag – this will give you an idea about how much clothing you need to take
  4. IF you are taking a carry on, make sure you buy small carry on containers (available at at drug store) – put all your big liquids into these small containers, and if you are like me – bust out that label maker and label each container so you know what is what! You don’t want to mix up your face wash with your shampoo!!
  5. IF you are taking a checked bag, check with your airline to see the allowed weight – you already paying for this bag, you don’t want to make it heavier then allowed because that will cost you more money. And if you are planning to shop while you are away – try to pack under the allowed weight – so you have some extra room in your suitcase to shop and not feel more guilty then you already may after shopping!
  6. For years, I remember my mom always folding my clothes when packing for a family vacation, well this is one this my mom has been wrong about – your not suppose to fold your clothes, your suppose to roll them! This technique saves space and it also helps with the wrinkles!
  7. Pack clothes that are versatile – from day to night. But before you pack these, CHECK THE WEATHER! Always check the weather the day before you are leaving, so your not packing shorts and t-shirts when Florida is expecting a cold spell the week you are there!
  8. Versatile clothing – this is the best way to get creative with your outfits. A pair of black leggings are a girls best friend when away for a weekend in NYC. They go with runners and high heels! You can wear them with a hoodie during the day and then at night put a blouse and blazer on with some sexy high heels and you have your dinner outfit ready to wear!
  9. When dressing for the plane, think logically – wear the heavier items you want to bring with you on the plane. This way you can have the jacket and shoes you want to bring – with you on the plane and not have to stuff them into your suitcase!
  10. Get creative with making and saving space in your suitcase. Take your socks and underwear and put them inside your shoes. Making use of every inch possible in your suitcase with help you go from having to check your luggage to walking onto the plane with your carry on – just make sure its not too heavy, because even though you were creative with making every inch count – you still have to be under a certain weight. Just remember, with a carry on bag, you are still allowed to have a personal bag as well. Make this purse or backpack count! Place heavy items in this – along with your laptop, camera, and your makeup.

I hope this list of Packing for a Weekend Getaway Tips and Tricks helps you out on your next getaway!




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