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What Fashion Style Are You? – Ashley Kyron

What Fashion Style Are You?

Have you ever been asked, “What is your style?” and your response is never accurate “umm like a little of this and a little of that?” This post is about you and your style. I hope the definitions that I have come up with will help you discover more about you and your personal style.

Classic: Your style is elegant, sophisticated and timeless – with a wardrobe full of neutral tones. Enduring, iconic silhouettes and clean, straight lines dominate your closet. When a friend needs a Little Black Dress – your closet is their first stop!

Preppy: Cardigans and button ups to plaids, pleats and oxfords – you have a neat and polished “school girl” style. You are the Blair Waldorf of your friends. Getting your style from ivy league, nautical and equestrian influencers – your go to brands include Ralph Lauren J.Crew and Lily Pulitzer.

Bohemian: Your style comes from the boho hipster and vintage influencers. You forever dress like you are at Coachella. You have a creative flair – with beads, fringe, embroidery, patterns and earthy coloured tones are dominating your closet.

Cute Casual: You have a relaxed and slightly sporty aesthetic to you. From ripped jeans and oversized knits to indulging in the latest athleisure trends, but you prefer comfortable basics and down-to-earth looks (but always staying stylish). Your look can change depending on the city your in or the event your attending at night – but the relaxed style will forever take over your closet.

Maverick: You are the trendsetter in your group of friends. With your look “outside of the box” – you are daring and take that leap into the trends the second they arrive on the runway. You mix bold colours and your outfits never lack a statement piece. Your style is eclectic and innovative, and your looks are always fun and creative.

Feminine: It is always about the dainty details for you. Ruffles, lace and pleats are just some of your favourite touches that catch your attention and draw you in. You most likely are down to soft tones, but always love fun pop of colour for your playful, romantic style. You are the girl that gets attention because of your soft and dainty look – with a zest for life!

Minimalist: Black and White – maybe some grey to add “colour” to your look – are the only shades you mess around with when it comes to your closet. Sleek and simples pieces – with minimal details or embellishments. You love quality fabrics, immaculate tailoring, and structured silhouettes is your trademark. Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant are your fashion icons.

Glamorous: Alluring, elegant and luxurious is what you gravitate to the finer things in life and this is evident in your style. Old Hollywood icons are your idols and you will spare no expense to steal the show, with your dramatic and eye catching look.

Urban Chic: Your combination of current trends with smart classics and a slight element of edgy, crafts your style in an individual unique way that works for you – in your urban setting. You dress high and low to create a chic modern look for life in the city.

I hope these definitions of Styles helps you with determining what style you are. You may be one or another or you may be like me that mixes each style into their closet – but either way, keep on being you and your style unique.




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