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My New Years 2018 Goals – Ashley Kyron

My New Years 2018 Goals

Okay, so I may be a little behind on making any New Year resolution – but its always better late then never right? I am also procrastinating posting about my resolution because I wanted to see if I could actually go a week with doing it, before I posted about it!

I am the type of person that buys so many different kinds of face masks from – from all different places and then I never use them, why? Because I always feel like I should save them. Well what I just realized is that its not going to do my skin any favours by just sitting in my bathroom – just because I own the face masks, doesn’t mean it is going to work its magic sitting in its container.

In the past week I have been using all the masks that I have bought in the last 6 months, and wow I  already notice a huge difference in my skin! My number one favourite product to put under my eyes right now is the Collagen Crystal Eye Mask. These gel patches have helped my eyes so much with puffiness and dark circles. I  have been using them every night for 30 minutes (as directed) and on weekends I like to use them 2 times a day – once in the morning before I start my day (usually around 9am) and then again at bedtime. I do this in case I get home late Friday or Saturday night and don’t have the time or energy to do it then – this way I can sleep at night, knowing I already used them in the morning, but its never harmful to use them 2 times a day for 2 days a week, and once a day the other 5 days a week! Buy these now on amazon.ca 

Another face masks I  have, and keep on buying – but for some reason don’t use it because I feel like I should save it for a special occasion (well not anymore), is the Sephora Collection Clay Masks – they come in 8 different colours for 8 different solutions for your face. They have Re-mineralizing & Smoothing, Purifying & Pore Perfecting, Moisturizing and Smoothing and many more, check out the options here.

If you want a mask that will help you while you are getting your beauty rest, Sephora also makes the same line of masks but in a night time edition! And they are only $5 each and have 9 different solutions for your skin.

Another goal I have made for myself in this new year, is to only ever use self tanner – NO MORE TANNING BEDS EVER. I wasn’t always big into tanning beds, but I found myself using them just for the sake of using them (before a vacation, a big event or even if I was bored I would go and lay in the tanning bed for 15 minutes to kill sometime) Well, this is going to happen no more! I have recently become obsessed with all type of self tanner, and after spending more money then I should have, I have finally found my match – James Read Tanning Mist. This amazing product is just like having a professional self tan done at a spa – but for a fraction of the price. Well at first the bottle cost 60+tax (I got mine at Gee Spa in Toronto, but Amazon.ca also has it) this is the same cost for a really good professional spray tan at a salon or a private tanner like Bronzed by Bloom – however, you pay the 60 once and the bottle will last you many sprays! The 360degree spray nozzle dispenses a conditioning formula mixed with Aloe Vera. The Tanning Mitt – that St.Tropez recommends using with their spray tanner – isn’t needed when using the James Read Product. I was so surprised at the way it coated my skin and left it streak free and natural looking. I now use this product 2 times a week (sometimes more, sometimes less – depending on my week and what I have planned). I highly recommend this product and the whole James Read line.

I will be posting weekly about my progress with the face masks and the James Read Self tanner line – as I plan to purchase more of the self tanner products that is available.

Have a Great Day

xo Ashley


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