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Early Week * Tips and Tricks * Christmas Edition!! – Ashley Kyron

Early Week * Tips and Tricks * Christmas Edition!!

With the snow on the ground, and the Christmas trees are up with houses shinning bright with lights and decorations – its time to help you with the last minute preparations for Christmas, with my tips and tricks – to make the holiday run smooth!

Step 1.Get the Amazon Prime Account Trial-all your shipping will be free & your purchase will come within a day or two!

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, I have combined a list of items you can purchase for anyone on your list.

  1. Crosley X UO Velvet Cruiser Bluetooth Record Player – $119
  2. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer – $145
  3. UO Sunday Funday Slippers – $22 ON SALE NOW FOR $11
  4. ban.do 17-Month Classic Agenda – $34
  5. Saje Oil Diffuser – Prices Range from $60-80
  6. Ellie The Elephant Incense Holder – $20
  7. Mini Waffle Maker – $22
  8. Kindle – $99.99
  9. TaoTronics in Shower Speaker – $23.99
  10. Cinema Light Box – 43.00

The above items are for the Music, Picture and DIY person on your Last Minute Christmas List! 

Now lets discuss how to get these Christmas Gifts together as easy and financially reasonable as possible!

  1. Make a list of the people you need to actually get gifts for – if you are on a tight budget, there may be some people you may need to cut out this year (like your mail man, or the plumber you see a few times a year)
  2. Set your budget – make it realistic, so your not paying off your credit card bill for months after Christmas
  3. Check out the reviews on the item you are about to buy. The best way to check reviews is through amazon – I always find people write the most honest reviews on here about the product because they are not connected to the company or the product
  4. Before heading out to go shopping, make sure you eat a filly breakfast! This will help you be energized, and also not have to eat at the mall, I    always find the food court is the busiest place in the mall centre
  5. Take out the cash from your bank account – leave the credit cards at home, this will decrease your spending at the mall
  6. Always get a receipt with your purchase, even though you may think that your getting someone the perfect gift, you never just know – better to be safe then sorry!
  7. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE – Buy yourself a gift, I am sure there is someone out there buying you something that you want and need just as much as your buying that person a special something!
  8. Go Shopping, RIGHT NOW, I    mean it – drop everything and go.. I    was in the mall the other day and literally EVERY store has a sale going on! its for some reason the best time to shop, because the sales are up to 70% off.
  9. To all my discount shoppers, check out consignment boutiques and thrift shops – there are always amazing items you can find someone as a very low discounted price. (check out my consignment store while your at it || Instagram: round_two_toronto
  10. If you are sending a gift to a family relative or friend, get the store or website to ship it to them directly. This will save you money on shipping – because chances are 90% of websites are free shipping over $100, and you won’t have to wait in that brutal line up at the post office!

I hope you get everything done in time for Christmas, and if your still stressed and don’t know what to give someone for Christmas, when in doubt a gift card to the mall (in your friends area) that your able to use at ANY store in the mall – The CF Corpotation Shopping Malls (Sherway, Yorkdale, etc) all provide a gift card for every store in the mall !!


Wishing you all the best for this Holiday Season,

Lots of Love

Ashley xo




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