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Tips and Tricks – Ashley Kyron

Tips and Tricks

So last week I posted 10 tips and tricks that I  use on a daily basis, to keep myself and my life easy. I have decided that I am going to keep posting tips and tricks or according to the hashtag LIFEHACKS!

  1. If you are bored in Toronto on a Saturday or Sunday, especially with the cold weather upon us, checkout the AGO or the ROM. These two art museums always have something new and fun going on – with different exhibits monthly.
  2. Try to learn something new each day, even if its remembering your mail mans name, or finding out the meaning behind your own name or your family members
  3. Check out History accounts on Instagram. There are a lot more accounts to be discovered on Instagram – besides for the Fashion, Beauty and DIY’s accounts
  4. Always keep makeup wipes beside your bed, in case your too lazy to wash your face – never go to bed without cleaning the makeup off your face
  5. Keep body lotion by your bed as well, I recommend the Time Sleep Sommeil from Bath and Body Works
  6. Buy a super charger to plug in and charge your phone – and anything else that is a usb. ANKR makes the best ones and takes between 4-6 USB Ports at one. This charges your phone as quickly as it would if your phone was on Airplane Mode
  7. Keep a swiffer in your car, when ever you are at a red light, or stuck in traffic – give your car a little wipe – the swiffer really helps keep your car looking clean, until you have a chance to get your car cleaned or do it yourself
  8. When you eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly, your stomach has time to send the signal to your brain that it is full
  9. Watching a Horror movie will burn up to 200 calories!!
  10. Go 24 hours without complaining, not even ONCE, and then watch how your life will change for the more positive!

Have a Wonderful Weekend,


Love Ashley xoxo

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