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Tips and Tricks – Ashley Kyron

Tips and Tricks

I have always been one to do little things around my house that have always made life just that much easier for me, when I am on the go. I didn’t realize that all these little things that I just thought was my part of my daily routine, could actually come in handy for someone else to know – so they can do it too. Life Hacks – is what bloggers are calling them – but I just see it as making life easier, aka My Tips and Tricks!

I am always going to be adding to this list, because there are always things that come up as I do them, that I say to myself, “Oh someone else would like to know about this too” and I add it to my on going note I have saved in my iPhone.

  1. New shoe laces instantly make your white shoes look just a little but more new and fresh
  2. Mr. Clean Magic Easier is the best for cleaning runners, especially Converse
  3. When shopping online, and you want to avoid paying duties, get a PO box in Buffalo and ship it there – then make a weekend out of it and go stay on the other side of Niagara Falls…Don’t forget to bring home your goodies from your PO box!
  4. Black Shoe polish can make your black shoes go from the Donation Box to a Friday Night out
  5. Order your Uber eats on your way home from work so it is arriving as you pull in the driveway
  6. Brazilian Wax – only way to go (unless you laser) Check out WAXON – they are located all around Canada
  7. Shop on Queen Street, it is like shopping on Melrose – Chic, Cheap and Cheerful || and you won’t show up to the party wearing the same outfit as anyone else
  8. When you feel like you are in a rut, spend the day at the spa || pampering yourself is a great way to END THE RUT
  9. When you feel tired in the afternoon, drink a sugar free red bull, or if you are able to – take a 15 min nap
  10. Fresh air in the morning is a great way to start your day – try waking up when your alarm first goes off (press snooze) and opening a window and then lay back down until your snooze alarm goes off – by that time you will get a good dose of fresh air (even though its going to be cold with winter upon us) it will help get you going!

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