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This is Me. Such is Life. – Ashley Kyron

This is Me. Such is Life.

Okay so here goes it. My topics have always been structured, like How to Wash you Makeup Brushes, or the Benefits of Juicing. But as I have been sitting in my bedroom for 2 weeks now, I am starting to think that my posts are too structured, too researched and too boring sometimes. Fuck. Thats not the type of person I am.

So two weeks ago I had oral surgery. I had the right side done a year ago and now I had to get the left side done. Lets put it this way, I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone – it is horrible, brutal and very painful. This is all from a result of my wild past…

As I have been laying in my bed, binge watching Gossip Girl, Online Shopping and Eating Ice-Cream – I have become to wonder so many things about life. Questions that I have been asking, about small curious questions to the questioning the Scariest Places in the World. Recently when someone in my house says something and I don’t know the meaning behind the word – I ask. This may sound like a daily thing for most people, but for me it has always been some what hard to ask questions that I don’t know the answer to – maybe my pride and ego may get hurt? I don’t know, but these days I am swallowing my pride and taking the necessary steps I need for my own self. Have I gone off topic? Yes? Well that is me! I have a tendency to ramble on about things that are totally off topic.

Do you Ever Wonder, and let yourself drift into a world that seams like a dream or a nightmare, but its not?

Some days I wonder what it would be like if I wasn’t me. Don’t you ever wonder what life would be like if you were living in a different world?

I found this History Instagram account the other day, and I am now obsessed with it – googling all the dates that along with the pictures to find out more information. And this has me wondering, what life would be like if I was to live in a totally different generation. I could see myself living while prohibition was going on, with all the speak easy and the flapper girls – the roaring 20’s would have been my first choice (if I had a time machine or a DeLorean!)

I also ask myself what I would have been like if I had stayed in school at McMaster, or if I have gone to Western like I wanted to.

It is the unknown that I am afraid of, and yes I will admit that, I am scared to not know the future but excited at the same time, that each and every day is a new day and a new beginning to something that could be magical.

I don’t know a lot, and i don’t try to pretend like I do. If I don’t know something then Ill research it until I know about the topic. But I do know this I am happy, healthy and blessed with a life beyond whatever a dream or a what if scenario could wind up in my head.

Don’t ask yourself the what is question or “is this really my life?”, because the world if here for you to make the most of it, not to question it, if you spend your time questioning you will miss out on the doing.

I think that for now on, I am going to start writing about me – about my day and what I am doing that is so interesting that you just have to read! Of course I am going to talk fashion, Food and Travel – because thats what I live for – but I am going to do it from my own perspective, this means I am going to have to get better soon and get on the road cause I am off for an adventure and I am not taking a map!

xoxo Ashley

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