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Vegetable and Fruit Juices has always been soemthing that I loved. When some people are told that they need to eat more vegetables or drink healthy drinks they usually put their nose up at it, while I get excited and begin googling new trendy juice bars and recipes.

This past week I have been at home recovering from surgery and I got very bored and pulled out my Breville Juicer and began mixing in vegetables with fruits and some citrus for a little zest. Even though I have been juicing since I lived in LA in 2009, I have  never actually taken the time to learn about all the benefits that fresh juices can deliver to your body. Now that I am into my 30’s, I have a new appreciation for healthy foods and juices and keeping my body in the best form it can be; I just need to start working out at the gym! 

Lets Talk Benefits

  1. More Fiber into your Body at Once. Getting fiber through vegetables is hard because you would have to realistically eat about 2-3 pounds of vegetables to get the daily intake of fiber your body needs, this will leave you resenting your broccoli and very full from something that isn’t that rewarding in the end. However, when you juice – you are extracting just the juice (all the good stuff) from the vegetable and leaving behind everything else.                                         Therefore Juicing =  Consuming more Vegetables efficiently 
  2. You Will Drink a Wider Range of Vegetables then you Would Eat. When I think of vegetables i think of broccoli, spinach, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, green peppers and kale. However, when I go to order vegetables at a restaurant or cook at home, its pretty simple – broccoli and spinach (I guess because those are my two favourite cooked veggies!) This is where juicing helps out a lot, because I am able to add in a wider range of vegetables into the juicing machine then I would ever dream of cooking or ordering at a restaurant. The options are endless when it comes to juice recipes (however it does take awhile to find your favourite mixture) the only thing holding you back from putting all different types of veggies into that mixer is the produce that is available in the grocery store.
  3. It Detoxifies our Bodies. Lets face it, at times we are not always the most kind to out bodies. Some of us have our bad habits; either smoking or drinking and even fast food. That is why a vegetable juice a day can help push out the toxins from your body. I am not saying its going to take away the bad toll that smoking put on your body, but I am saying it will help you feel and look healthier. Having a juice a day keeps the toxins away. But don’t just stop at one a day, if you are serious about getting all the toxins out – try out a juice fast – they are very beneficial and helps you gain discipline!

I don’t want this post to be all about the benefits (so it doesn’t totally bore you!), you of course know that the good that comes with juicing out weighs any bad you may find on the web about it.



Recipes For Vegetable Juices

I have a few favourite mixtures for vegetables mixed with some fruit and citrus. I find that the simple ones are almost the best, because they don’t make it so complex and you have exactly what you want in one glass.

VITAMIN GREENS || 1 bunch of Kale, 1/2 Stalk of Celery, 2 Red Apple, Sliver of Ginger, Half of a half of a half of Lemon (if you don’t want it too much of a citrus taste)

BEETS MAKE IT SWEET || 3 Beets, 1 Whole Stalk of Celery, 3 Red Apples

ACC JUICE || 4 Apples, 3 Medium Carrots (cleaned up), 4 Stalks of Celery

HYDRA JUICE || 2 Cucumbers, 5 Spring of Fresh Basil, 2 Mint Leaves, 2 Grapefruits (not too Large)

  • If after you have tried the mixture and find that it needs to be diluted add a cup of cold water.

You don’t want to start wit too many options on the table, literally – so here are just a few of my favourite ones. Try them out and let me know what you think, also if you have any recipes, I would love to hear from you!

And the best part about this process is that the Breville Juicer – is very easy to clean You can see from the picture all the pulp and skin from the lemons, etc that it is left behind and just the juice is in the glass     (above picture)

And the best part about this process is that the Breville Juicer – is very easy to clean You can see from the picture all the pulp and skin from the lemons, etc that it is left behind and just the juice is in the glass (above picture)



xoxo Ashley

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