The Benefits of Cleaning your Makeup Brushes

If you are anything like me, cleaning your makeup brushes are not always on the top of your bi weekly to do lists! But I have found that over the last year or so – this process has become one of the most important things to clean (next to your body)!!

I can’t express how dirty makeup brushes get – just think: your throwing your brushes into a makeup case (which is probably not the cleanest), your using the brush to apply make up – that maybe other people have used  – or the brush its self, other people have borrowed, also the days when your lazy and apply makeup to a not so fresh washed face – building up on this brush is: oil, dead skin, and bacteria and of course all the old makeup that keeps accumulating on the brush over the day, weeks, and even months.

On average, the typical girl who goes out on weekends, has a job they need to be presentable at, or just wants to look good uses their makeup brushes…ummm everyday?? Therefore it is HIGHLY recommended that you wash your brushes every 2 week.

What Dirty Makeup Brushes will Bring to YOUR Face:

  1. Acne – AWESOME. The whole reason we wear makeup is to correct those imperfections, but really a dirty makeup brush is just making it worse. Putting bacteria and germs on your face will spread the dirt from the makeup brushes – all over your pores causing them to be more blocked, this mixed in with the dusty and sticky makeup brush will add more skin conditions to your face.
  2. Skin Irritation – When using a makeup brush that is dirty with old foundation – this causes it to become brittle and caked on with product. When using the brush moving it around your skin, you don’t want it to cause the makeup to become scratchy and making them abrasive on your skin.
  3. Changes the Colour of Your Makeup – Think about the shades we use on our face – and the brushes we use to blend and contour them into our perfect daily makeup routine. Now think, that with all the old makeup left over on the brushes, how can the true colour really shine through on our face? This will lead to difficulty blending your makeup to give your face the porcelain look you are achieving.
  4. Ruin’s Your Makeup Brushes – When purchasing expensive makeup brushes, you would want them to last for awhile, but leaving them covered in old makeup will end up damaging the bristles of your brushes. Cleaning them will maintain their softness and strength – leaving them in good shape for a lot longer then if you never clean them.

What to Clean Your Makeup Brushes With:

I have seen recently on sponsored ads on Instagram a device that you use to clean your makeup brushes in 1 or 2 easy steps, however I am not one for relaying on a little cheap thing to clean my makeup brushes (even though I have never tried it). I like to clean my brushes by hand, ensuring me that the old makeup is all coming off the brushes.

I recommend using the Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver – even though this cleaner is for artist brushes, they have one thing in common, cleaning and preserving the bristles of the brush. You can purchase this cleaner from most art supply stores, like Curry’s (if your in Toronto – there is one on 1153 Queen Street West)

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes: 

  1. Wet Your brush (with warm water), but make sure you only get the bristles wet
  2. Swirl your brush around in the Brush Cleaner Soap (only a small amount is needed)
  3. Massage the brush in the palm of your hand – a few times, adding water if needed (you will see all the old makeup coming off) do this until the water runs clear, knowing that the makeup is all off the brush
  4. Rinse the brush off with warm water
  5. Squeeze the brush bristles in your hand – getting rid of any excess soap and makeup
  6. Then rinse again, for a final thoroughness of the cleaner and the makeup being completely off the bristles
  7. Use a clean hand or face cloth to squeeze out any water left on the brush – and then lay the brushes to dry-let them air dry over night- and in the morning you will have clean like Brand New brushes to use!

I Hope you Enjoy this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it. There is nothing I love more then clean makeup brushes and avoiding any dirt that I may be putting on my face while trying to get my contour perfect!






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