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American Apparel is Coming Back! – Ashley Kyron

American Apparel is Coming Back!

When I found a blog post on August 9th – i was uber excited to find out that two weeks or so from then, American Apparel is coming back. After closing down 110 stores just in the US alone, not to mention the dozens they closed in Canada and then filling for bankruptcy… in a recent study – The Brand remains loved by all and has gained nothing but more popularity since its closing in January 2017.

The brand is making an online appearance – with the help of Gildan Activewear Inc as the new owners, they are going to keep the iconic simple basics that we all love. There is no guarantee that are favourite bodysuits will be on the menu for purchase – only time will tell, once the e-commerce site is up and running and by the looks of things, it may be sooner then expected.

HOWEVER, the brand will not be solely produced in Los Angles, they are moving their manufacturing team over seas. This is because Gildan Activewear Inc only bought the name of the company and not their operating factors behind the brand, but their will be some pieces that are made in USA, and Gildan Activewear Inc is promoting a “Sweatshop Free Stories”

I just hope that they stay true to the name, and don’t condone any sweatshops, I am not sure about you but I am super excited for the Brand to be back in action and new pieces back in my closet – but without the regret that the items I am wearing are made in sweatshops – because that is one piece of clothing I will not be wearing.

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