OOTD… The phrase that has been so widely used ever since Instagram came out in 2010. Ever since then everyone have been creating #hashtags to get their pictures more likes and gain more followers.

For me, a hashtag is something I use a lot on my Instagram account (@ashleykyron), because I am always trying to find things on Instagram and the best and only way is by hashtags – there I give over people the ability to find what I have been posting via hashtags.

ANYWAYS!!! This post isn’t about Instagram or about Hashtags, its about Outfit Of The Day AKA OOTD! or if your a night time poster OOTN (Outfit Of The Night)

I am always taking pictures of my outfits, and sometimes they don’t make the Instagram post, therefore I have decided to create a whole link in my blog dedicated to my OOTD! and with that i’ll give you outfit details and of course where to buy, if the item is no longer available ill try my very best to find you a similar outfit or style that matches the one I am wearing!

Just a heads up, I am all over the place with my outfits; one day ill be in sweats and a crop top the next i’ll be in an evening gown. it depends on my mood and it depends on what I am doing that day or that evening!


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