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Keeping That Summer Tan all Winter Long!

I am not sure about you, but I am feeling that Winter Time gloominess coming on, as I look out the windows at 4pm, and see that night time is already upon us – I am really missing the summer time. With the sunshine, the long days, and especially the warm weather! Looking back on my summer, all the amazing adventures I was fortunate to experience: Europe for my 30th, Boat Cruises, Bouncing around on friends boats, Long summer walks with friends, and the best – Laying around the pool just enjoying life and having no worries.

Having no worries on the beaches in Spain

I have always been one to enjoy my nice bronzed tan, but now that the sun is gone, the tan has faded away. Back in high school I use to always jump in a tanning bed for 10 minutes every other day – to keep my tan ever lasting. Now that I am past the age of “do whatever you want cause I am invincible”, I have started to take precautions, especially when it comes to my skin.

Tanning beds – these are now out of the question. But what am I suppose to do – everyone looks better with a tan, but its winter! The solution is as simple as answering a question to what colour the sky is! Self Tanner!!! People have always been iffy when it comes to self tanner. They complain that it leaves streaks and it is uneven. Well when done properly – self tanners can leave you with the best ever sun kissed, just left the beach look.

First lets start with THE self tanner to use…when it comes to something that your putting on your skin, now that you want it be safe and protected – rule number 1 (and only 1) don’t cheap out. St. Tropez – this product comes in ever form you will want for your flawless sunless tan. I always keep in my shower the ST. TROPEZ GRADUAL TAN IN SHOWER LOTION. This product is great for an every day use in the shower. You simply apply in all over in the shower, turn the water off and wait 5 minutes (I am huge on not wasting water) then rinse it off, you wont notice a tan right away but given the name of the product it is a gradual tan that you will get eventually.

To boost this Gradual Tan, once your out of the shower – dry yourself – and then add the Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. This product is so good for the one who likes the all over tan (that wants it to last for up to 10 DAYS!) and doesn’t like standing in one of those spray tan booths, or having a stranger spray tan you down as you stand there naked. The SELF TAN CLASSIC BRONZING MOUSSE is the best, when used with the St. Tropez tan applicator mitt… check out the video for how to use this product perfectly…. https://youtu.be/kIkSBwBppnY 

If you are like me, you are very picky about what you apply on your face, (see my previous blog post about my Everyday Face Care Routine) you will know that any type of bronzing mousse that you apply all over your body, will probably not be the best for your face, because your pores are about to be clogged with a tanning application. That is why St. Tropez has literally thought of everything – and this is why they have the SELF TAN LUXE FACIAL OIL – for the ultimate natural golden glow tan, and 100% safe for sensitive skin.

However, there are times when you want you face to be nice and tanned – like the rest of your body (once you have applied all the necessary St. Tropez products – there is always this one last product that everyone needs to keep in their bathroom – and that is ST. TROPEZ FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. This is for the tan that goes on instantly and comes off with just a little bit of soap and water. It is for the person who wants a tan for a night but doesn’t want the commitment of self tanners that last up to 10 days.


I hope that you give these products a try, even if its just for one night only!!

**Also remember these products all make for the perfect stocking stuffer for that beach bunny wanna be but its winter time, person on your list!!**

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