My Everyday Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your face should always your number 1 priority! Because remember, you only have one face – take care of it.

I have tried every product from here to tim-buck-to, and finally one day I was at the Old Mill Spa and sat down and talked to a skin care expert and she suggested three simple products to use on my face, three simple products that has transformed my skin! Clayton Shagal!
The 3 easy steps are this:
1. Wash with the Lotion Gel Cleanser (pat dry)
2. Apply Collagen Gel (Wait a 2 minutes before step 3)
3. Apply the Hydra One Intense Hydrating Cream
**Boom Done!!**

My Three amazing products by Clayton Shagal

However, at least once a month I like to head over to Beauty Bar for a Hydra Facial. This facial is the best of the best. It hydrates your skin with a tool that also at the same time exfoliates, extracts and if wanted applies a sensitive yet efficient peel to your skin, followed then by the LED red light and then blue light therapy to help close your pores and decrease any blemishes you may have. This facial is much more face friendly because you do not have people squeezing and poking at your skin.

Beauty Bar for my Hydro Facial
         Beauty Bar for my Hydra Facial!!

I hope you try out my daily face washing routine, it will do wonders for your skin! Leave a comment below for anymore questions, tips and tricks that you ay have!


xoxo Ashley

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