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Stylish Pieces every Women Must Own – Ashley Kyron

Stylish Pieces every Women Must Own

In a previous post, I talked about how there are pieces from A-Z that every women must have in their closet. These are the most staple pieces one must own!

Today I am going to talk about C, D & E (Please see post earlier with A & B)


Cable-Knit Sweater – this sweater, which is also known as The Fishermans Sweater – has its roots in Ireland, but since then has become a New England tradition. The sweater has been classified as a preppy sweater – but you can always take the sweater and make it more runway, street wear or however else you may be able to rock the sweater. This type of sweater has a different aspect for everyones personal style – and once you find the perfect Cable Knit Sweater for you – you will have a go-to sweater forever!

You will always be able to pull off the saying “Oh this, I just threw it on” (even though you knew exactly what you were ‘just throwing on!’

Different looks, same type of sweater:

Refined Look: Wear a fitted cable knit sweater in white with white pants and a camel coat over top (perfect for a day time meeting)

Modern Day: Rock a Black cable knit sweater with dark denim jeans with rips, a thick belt and some black leather booties

Preppy Modern School Girl: Staying true to its roots – J.Crew makes the best preppy cable knit sweaters – wear a neutral colour sweater with a modern style kilt.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-8-11-30-pm   Mairi McDonald – Cherie Lace and Leather Kilt 

Cable-Knit Sweaters that are a must have!

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-7-49-49-pm screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-8-15-07-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-06-at-8-15-44-pm

Shop the look at http://www.polyvore.com

Camel Coat- This is a true classic coat – it can look elegant and expensive, even if your not and its cheap! lol It is all in the colouring of the coat, a golden tan with red to light brown undertones) This ‘Uptown’ coat has given women the opportunity to dress up their jean and sweater outfit, it also gives bring together a polished sensibility to an all white or an all black outfit. Basically – it gives the elegance to the outfit, for you! Even if your not ‘that elegant type of girl’ everyone should have one in their closet.




Denim Jacket – Like a true classic, the denim jacket is always has been and will be a staple in anyones closet. There are many reasons why this jacket should always be in your closet, or if you have gotten rid of it – to buy a new one – one that is clean and simple. Since the 1950’s is was popular with the “Greasers”, in the 60’s and 70’s is was popular with the hippies (with some added patches and or pins that they have collected from rock concerts or festivals). Then as the 80’s came around – it was all about the “Grunge Look”. The denim jacket paired with some flannel, However, the 80’s denim jacket was worn by everyone form the punk rockers to the princess type girls – it had no true identity with its followers. As the 90’s came around, Ralph Lauren took the jacket from the punks and used it to make its debut with long prairie skirts, cowboy boots and lots of jewelry.

Now in 2016, we see denim jackets being worn with everything – everyone putting their own spin on it, from wearing it with leggings and an old rock vintage t-shirt, to a white summer dress, and even just thrown on over a track suit for a super casual day out.

Needless to say the Denim Jacket is here to stay – thank goodness – cause I have always loved the look and the convince of it!

My favourite denim jacket is from Talula – distressed denim making it look and feel worked in, in a light denim colour. If you want to stick to the classic, Levis is making a come back with their new look and style of the brand we have grown up with. I was in the store the other day and saw my next purchase – a denim jacket with a fluffy lining to make it warm on a warmish sunny winter day.

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-15-02-pm screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-15-34-pm Both from Levi‘s ($148.00)

But of course, never forget about the vintage shops, especially the ones in Kensington Market in Toronto


Diamond Studs –  Diamonds have always been said to be a girls BEST FRIEND – but what about when you cant afford a full diamond necklace… Studs do the job!. They are great when they are real, some what large and especially when they are a gift. However, a knock off of diamond earrings do the job as well – and this way you wont want to kill yourself if you were to loose one! The Diamond Stud is a great everyday earring to wear to add some sparkle to any outfit – without it being too in your face. The best thing is that these earrings go with literally any and every outfit!


Evening Gown – Whenever I watch the Oscars, I am always envious of the beautiful gowns that the celebrities are wearing on the red carpet. I know that i’ll never be able to get an opportunity to walk a red carpet and be dressed up in gowns as beautiful and expensive as the famous ones, but as girl can dream! I have been fortunate enough to be apart of some Galas which has given me opportunities to wear long evening gowns (of course mine are not costume made for me, or by the best and famous designers), but I have found that BCBG makes beautiful gowns at a great price. Over the years I have gathered a collection of evening gowns – even though I have worn them once or twice – every now and then I will put them on and feel like a princess again!

If you ever have an event you need to attend to, check out BCBG, or even consignment stores – like The Style Heiress   


Fur – Either real or faux – fur can take a simple outfit and give it a sense of elegance. It has to be glamorous and gorgeous – but doesn’t have to be real!

I am not well educated on the types of furs – I know from my mother that mink, and chinchilla are her favourites! But if you want to really know your furs, ask an Italian girl. It is custom that they get their first fur on their 18th birthday, and from then their collection grows over time. Just like I collect jeans, or another may collect baseball hats or scarves – the Italian women collects their furs. In hindsight they are right, cause the right fur can take any outfit, either that being jeans and a long sleeve tee, to an evening gowns and dresses – there is nothing fur can’t play nice with.

If you are the type that doesn’t want to buy a new fur item (expensive or just feel bad about it) vintage shops are a great place to look, and this give you the sense that someone has already gotten their full use of it and is passing it on to their next generation!.


Galoshes – also known as rain boots, this type of boot has gone from something your parents would make you wear on a yucky day outside, to a trend that has been leaded by Hunter. Hunter, founded in 1856, is a British heritage brand, known for their iconic original boot. The Hunter rain boot has been seen on runways across the world along with almost everyones closet. Needless to say that this boot is here to stay. Especially with the sock insert with the boot, it takes the average rain boot and turns it into a warm and waterproof booth that looks great with jeans and a sweater on a chilly winter day.







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