2 Years of Wonderfulness

If you have read my blog – in earlier posts, you will know that I am not shy about my sobriety. Today marks the day of my 2 years free from everything (drugs and alcohol), and 1 year free from smoking. I have learned more about myself in these past 2 years, then some people will in a lifetime. I have learned that I have to be responsible for my own actions – I cant blame others. What has happened in the past, is in the past and I cant go back in time to change what I did. I am human, and sometimes I will still make mistakes, but I have to own up to them (and that is what I do). I have learned that life is short, and everything can change your life with just one phone call – but you have to keep your head up, your spirits high and have faith. Always take a friends phone call, you never know what type of day they are having and sometimes they just want a friendly voice to hear on the other end (be that friendly voice) Live for today and live in the moment – live just one day at a time. And lastly always be: Honest, Openminded and Willing (H.O.W.) – this will take you far in life, just be honest especially, and especially to yourself!

If anyone every feels like they are alone and don’t think they can get out of that feeling, send me a message. I am a huge believer that just one person can help another. You are no longer alone.

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