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Stylish Pieces Every Woman Must Own! – Ashley Kyron

Stylish Pieces Every Woman Must Own!

Do you ever feel like when you are getting dressed, and all your clothing are statement pieces or pieces that people have seen you in before a bunch of time??

I have learned that the best way to keep your looks new and fresh is to always have the classic pieces in your closet that will go with anything, and make any outfit look new again.

“Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself” – Nina Garcia

Lets start in alphabetical order, just to make things simpler! –

FYI: I will be posting a few letters a day with a few different staple pieces under each letter! 


Animal Print – This type of print gives you the opportunity to be a little bit bold – to take an all black or even white outfit and give it a statement piece like a leopard belt or zebra pumps. However, when choosing to go Animal Style, make sure you keep it down to the minimum – one accessory and done. Please don’t go head to toe in leopard, you may look  like a fashion roadkill.

Tips for Buying Animal Print:

  1. Splurge on an expensive animal print accessory (Dolce & Gabbana make great pieces). This is something you don’t want to mess around with, because you are already going bold with the print, you don’t want to make it look cheap at the same time.
  2. Keep the animal prints to their respected colouring. Don’t try to make it even more elaborate with a pink and black leopard print shoe…Animal prints are: black, white, camel and khaki)


Ankle Bootie – Did you know that the ankle bootie was designed to be hidden under classic trousers. They were suppose to be worn, not seen! When Christian Louboutin got ahold of the design, the ankle booties were transformed into a shoe that we now can not live without.

Some of my favourite Ankle Booties in my closet:

Christian Louboutin never fails to amaze me with the most fashionable and comfortable booties.

img_1021 Leather and Velvet img_1022 Oxford Inspired Booties

For a more reasonable priced bootie, Steve Madden and Nine West are great shoe stores that are sometimes under estimated.

img_1017  Nine West               img_1015  Steve Madden



Ballet Flats – Even though every girl loves their high heels that gives them this transformation magic, the ballet flat give you the timeless, effortless, pain free, and chic fashionable look. Not a lot of flat shoes have been adopted into the fashion world then the ballet flat. It has become the go-to shoe when a heel is just not an option! For a women that is at work all day, and knows she’s going out right after – its best to have your flats in your bag, and the high heels go on – every women knows that after a long day and night of being out, you want to pull the comfortable ballet flats out of your purse for the walk or drive home!

For the most classic style that can literally never go out of style, invest in the CHANEL original ballet flat (black with the white toe cap) you literally cant go wrong with these. If a new pair is not in your budget, try a consignment store like The Style Heiress. However, with a shoe like a ballet flat, you don’t always have to buy the most expensive ones you see, every designer, store and so on make these shoes – because they know how much women love them and need them in their closet. Check out Zara , H&M , J.Crew , and even The GAP

Bikini – When it comes to the summer time, there is noting better then having throwing on a bikini that makes you feel confident, and wearing a bikini is all about confidence. Over the years I have always tried to find the best bikini for my body. I don’t have a big bum, or big boobs, I don’t have the best curves or any at all – and I have always tried to over compensate with a cute and sexy bikini. Being around some of my girlfriends, I have been a little bit self conscious, but now that I the age I am, i have learned to love my body, my self and rock that bikini I just bought with confidence.

The best bikinis are the solid colour ones, White, black, Navy, or even a little bit of both, but the multi coloured crazy colours – are not for me anymore. The days of the bedazzled Ed Hardy bikinis, no thank you!! With so many ways of finding out who is wearing what bikini with Instagram, I have found that the best ones come from the country with the most beach and ocean.. Australia. Hands down they know how to make a damn good fitting, bikini.

Check out TJ Swim – or their Instagram account @tjswim_   – I am obsessed with my MILA bikini, but the upsetting fact of life is that I ordered it at the end of the summer, and still haven’t had a chance to wear it yet, besides trying it on and thinking in my head how soon can I plan a vacation just so I can wear this!

H&M: actually has some really good finds when it comes to bikinis, this past summer I wanted to give high waisted bottoms a try and I found the best ones at H&M, for a fraction of the price I would have paid at any other store.

All this bikini talk makes me want to actually go on vacation … So lets move on!

Black Opaque Tights – If you are living in a city that isn’t hot all year round, but you still want to rock that dress at night time without going numb from your waist down, then you know black opaque tights are a MUST in your closet. A little history on them; in the 1960’s when the mini skirt was all the craze, Edie Sedqwick would rock black opaque tights, and this making them a staple, she became the original black opaque tights girl – and would wear them with everything! The best thing about this staple piece is that, just by wearing them, you can literally wear the shortest of short skirt, and shorts or even long t-shirt dresses you can muster up and wear out! Because they make you go from scandalous to stylish and chic.

How to Rock the Look: 

  1. Wear black tights with black booties or black pumps to make your legs look like they go on for days
  2. Contrast! Black tights with a solid colour skirt or dress will make everything get that extra pop it deserves
  3. If your skirt is questionably short, wear some black tights and make it fashionably short
  4. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear them with a type of bottom. Just because they are thick like a legging, does not make them a pant in itself.
  5. Invest in a good pair – you will wear them over and over again, especially if you are like me, and like to go out – even in the cold and still wearing a dress, winter style shorts or a skirt. Wilfred makes a great pair!

Blazer – What use to be only considered a means style jacket, was taken by women and worn better, more stylish, and more sleek. Wearing a blazer with skinny jeans, a little black dress and high heels, makes the men who wear it with their suit pants and dress shoes a thing of the past. The best thing about the blazer is that is falls between formal and casual: all depending on how you wear it and what you are wearing it with. From preppy to trendy, smart and sexy – the blazer is here to stay.

Some of my favourite places and designers for blazers:

  1. Diana von Furstenberg aka DVF
  2. Club Monaco
  3. Wilfred (yes I think by now you have caught on that I am obsessed with Wilfred!)
  4. H&M – of course (for that blazer that may be a little funky – its good cause its inexpensive, so wear it once or twice and pass it on, by selling it to a thrift store and let someone else enjoy it for a bit!)
  5. Babaton

Also the great thing about a blazer is that you can buy a winter or jacket version of it, and get the same chic style for those colder nights!

Until Tomorrow, I hope you enjoy your A’s and B’s! 

xoxo Ashley