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Nota Bene

Eating is one of my favourite things to do. I love eating new food – I will never say “I don’t like that” without trying it. And my list of things I don’t like, can all be counted on one hand.  There is nothing better then sitting down to a brunch, lunch, dinner or late night snack with a great meal in front of you.

I have always loved to take pictures of my food, people use to think it was weird, until Instagram and Snapchat were invented and now all people do is post food they are eating, cause it is wasn’t posted on Instagram “Did you really have that meal?” lol

Friday nights for me these days, usually consist of dinner with good friends and always an interesting selection of conversation topics.

As my two friends and I arrived at Nota Bene (In Toronto on Queen Street), we were very excited to have a great meal but more excited about the dessert – I couldn’t tell you what it is actually called but the ice cream is literally called “The Spotted Dick”. So of course these words came into every conversation we acquired through out the meal, only to then find out; because the waitress head us say “spotted dick” so many times, she thought it would be polite to tell us that – they had changed the legendary dessert, but it is still kind of the same. Hearts were Broken at that moment… No more Spotted Dick at Nota Bene – was the name too offensive to some patrons?

Besides for this minor, well major set back to our dinner and especially our dessert plans, we went through with eating an amazing meal.

For myself I went with:

Steak Tartar Deviled Eggs with horseradish crema, mustard, togarashi


Ricotta Ravioli with shaved black truffle, parmigiano, chives


AND for dessert Sticky Date Pudding with pecan praline, rum raisins, brown butter ice cream (it was still incredible and delicious, just without the “spotted dick” ice cream)



But nothing is better then some good company



When you have a chance, check out Nota Bene – and if you already have, then you know what I am talking about!!


xoxo Ashley