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My New Favourite Makeup – NYX


I don’t know if its just me, but who else is OBSESSED with NYX Cosmetics.. I have always been a fan of MAC, NARS, and random makeup I would find at shoppers on the odd occasion I was in need of something quick. But not the only makeup products I find myself using and buying are NYX.

Little did I know that this brand NYX (pronounced Niks – a Greek goddess of the night) has been around since 1999, however only available to professional makeup artist – Toni Ko, the founder made a point to be at every trade show possible to get the brand out there for the professionals to start using the products. Of course, based out of Los Angeles, this was easy to come by for all the makeup artist in the city of Angeles, to use on their clients and slowly is was all about word of mouth…until, in 2014 when NYX conglomerated with L’Oréal, and now became available to everyone and yet pay the same price as drug mart cosmetics. This is one of my many reasons why I love the brand, the prices are beyond reasonable. (I will list some more below)

When I first stepped foot in their brick and mortar location Downtown Toronto, I was taken back by how fun, cool and laid back the store was. Fun music playing through out the store, everyone working there was done up with perfect makeup, and then I noticed the prices. I left there spending $150 on about 12 items, and not just lip sticks or lip liners. I got there number one seller Highlight and Contour Pro Palette ($27), along with the Cream Highlight and Contour Palette ($17), The Wonder Stick ($14), along with the Pro Foundation Mixer ($12), I also got a bunch of lip sticks, lip stains, eye shadow palettes – that were on sale for $10 !

What made me love the sales women that I talked to was this: I went in because my foundation was too dark, the summer tan had faded and I needed a lighter shade, she could have simply sold me a few foundation and I would have been on my way, but she showed me the Pro Foundation Mixer – that is white and when mixed with my already owned foundation it blends into the perfect formula. After that I was intrigued by this, because I am use to having sales people sell me the most expensive new thing just to replace the 3/4 full foundation I already have! So i stuck around and asked her more and more about contouring and what is the best product to use and how to use it with what brushes, etc (I think you get the point…I left there knowing everything I needed to know about makeup and how to contour my face like a pro!

I wanted to add glitter to my hair, down the side of my part, in between my french braids, and the guy knew within half a second what I should use for it and how I should do it. There was no humming and hawing, or judging me cause I wanted glitter painted in on my hair – he was on top of it – and it turned out great (see picture below)

Needless to say, I have found my all time favourite brand, and I hope that you will take the time to check them out, either at their stores or even at shoppers – but if its your first time, I would highly suggest going to their store and talk to one of their experts, cause they can give you so many tips and suggest the best product for what you are looking for!

Images from NYX website and my Own… 

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screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-8-30-44-pm                         Just A few of my favourite items, as mentioned above, and my glitter hair pictured below! 

Glitter hair thanks to NYX
Glitter hair thanks to NYX


 xoxo Ashley