Halloween 2016!

Halloween is right around the corner, and ever since I can remember – it has always been my favourite time of the year, at least on my top 5 list. As I have gotten older, halloween has become a weekend filled with costumes, parties and great memories. What use to do be one night a year collecting candy from strangers while your parents hang back on the side walk, has turned into a frantic disaster, cause no one wants to show up to the club or party wearing the same costume as someone else, especially if that person put more thought or money into their costume then you did. This has happened to me years and years ago and ever since then I take my costumes very seriously. I always get my inspiration from somewhere or the other, either that being a movie, a cartoon character an everyday person, or just some thing so random that I am guaranteed to not be copied on! I have collected 2 large boxes and 1 big garbage bag of costumes over the years, and I am not embarrassed to say it – but I am proud of my halloween costume collection. I have friends who call my last minutes in a panic cause they don’t have a costume to wear (my first thought is “you knew this day was coming, why wouldn’t you plan at least a month in advance, not a few hours, silly!!), but of course I help them out, and then I don’t know why but they always seem surprised when I show them my collection, “Okay so now you are judging me, I am the one saving your ass from not being stuck out like a soar thumb with no costume on!!!)

Some of my past and favourite costumes have been:

A Smurf – I was a really cute Smurf in all honesty, and I got this idea from a massive teddy bear my friend has in his condo (see my ideas come to me in the most random ways sometimes.

A Magician – This costume was so good that I even repeated it!! and I never do that! But in all fairness it was worn once in LA/Vegas (when I happened to go from one party in LA to the next party in Vegas and didn’t bring a change of clothes or for that matter even change out of my costume before making the 4.5 hour drive to Vegas! And then I repeated it the following year in Toronto. I made this costume  myself, well not really but I did get really  artistic – especially when it came to the mini hat on my head with a foam rabbit I painted white and glued to the hat!

The Scarecrow (from Wizard of the Oz) – Your probably wondering why didn’t I dress up as Dorthy? Well my best friend was Dorthy and I was the scarecrow – trying to find my brain the whole night, and upon losing my friend, numerous people questioned my outfit – cause who dresses up as the scarecrow and then finds themselves without Dorthy..I did I guess!

A Burlesque Dancer – is wasn’t my favourite costume, but my best friend and I, who also played Dorthy to my Scarecrow, did it with me and we had alot of fun it, so that way it makes my list (cause halloween is also all about the memories too remember!)

A Nun, which people were not too happy about, seeing as HOW I dressed myself up as a nun, but hey it was halloween, and as mean girls say “Its the one night a year a girl can dress like a slut and not be called a slut” LOL

And as for this year, well thats going to be a surprise…..I can’t give away my secrets of my halloween costume talent.. make sure you follow me on SnapChat and Instagram – Ill be posting my costume in real time on there, and on the blog a few days later!


xoxo Ashley