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Adult Colouring Books

I have always loved colouring as a child, and would still buy colouring books and crayons to get my mind off life for an hour or so. But when the adult colouring book craze come out about a year ago, I was beyond excited. Finally a colouring book that I can use and colour in meaningful images. I have found this very relaxing (a great hobby to do before going to bed, without having to watch TV to get to sleep).

A few of my favourite colouring books for adults are:

  1. Colour me Calm
  2. Lost Ocean – by Johanna Basford
  3.  Secret Garden – by Johanna Basford
  4. Enchanted Forst – by Johanna Basford

And for my choice of markers to use Steadtler triples fineliner (they come in so many different colours that you will never have to use the same colour pallet twice in one image)

And a little tip for first time adult colour’s out there – always take a look at the image first and then choice 5-10 colours for the whole image, and stick with those. This way your picture won’t be all over the place and have a beautiful flow of colours.

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