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Home Decor

Do you ever have that feeling of needing a change in your room or condo… I am like that on a monthly basis. Always trying to redesign my floor in my house. I have noticed that I tend to go over board when I take a shopping trip to Home Sense, Ikea, and Home Outfitters. Once I get home I see that the purchases I have bought don’t make sense in my room. Lucky for me, I always ask the store their return policy (something everyone should ask, before making a purchase your unsure about).

Here are some of my favourite bedrooms that I have found on Pinterest… and my own personal ways I have made my room more spacious and yet more easily assessable to get to all my accessories.

how to make the best out of a small space. Add some curtain around your bed, to give yourself some privacy or to make your bed into a little book to curl up and read
For the bathroom – this is the best way to organize your cotton balls, q-tips, makeup brushes and whatever else you want off your counter space. This is a great way to clear the clutter on your bathroom sink
instead of boring book shelfs, add some triangular decorations on your wall to place books, picture frames, candles and some fun decorations.
The best Bohemian bedroom space, to bring out your inner hippie.
Such a clean and bright living room space. The fresh flowers, books, comfy pillows and a sofa suggest this is the type of room for peace and quite. The pictures on the wall are simple and not too in your face. The wall shelves are perfect for small plants, pictures, candles and some decoration.
Such a cute little outside balcony nook, for those of your who have summer all year round – it is a great investment and somewhere to hang around with friends. candles, pillows and a small couch with a carpet floor – add some plants and flowers: and you have a perfect little nook.
For those of you that have a master bedroom – this is the prettiest designed room. Simple and elegant.
A perfect girly girls room. white with a touch of pink paint, all white bedding with some pink touchings on the bed and the curtains.
a perfect vanity table
a perfect vanity table

Will update this post with my own personal pictures of my room and how I make the best with the space I have.

xoxo Ashley