Ways to Declutter Your Life!!

If you are anything like me, you look around your room and ask yourself “how did all this clutter come to be”. I have been researching and trying all new ways to make my space more liveable – so I know where everything is and all my belongings have its own special “home”.

I have collected a list of the best remedies that I have found the most useful, and I hope you find them helpful too:

The Purge

The Closet

1.Get rid of all clothing that is ripped, stained, over worn, and doesn’t fit. This includes socks, undies, bras and other clothes that you look at and think, “I might wear this one day,” and also the items that you’ve once used for work or certain situations that you’re no longer in. – this is the first step in cleaning out the closet!

2. Empty out your closet of all the clothing that is out of season. As fall approaches – you don’t need the bathing suit taking up room in your drawers! Take all the summer clothing and pack it into a box – or a different closest (if room permits it) this will help you a lot when getting dressed!

3. I havne’t tried this trick my self but I have OCD when it comes to all my hangers facing the right way but this little trick does work, if you have the patience to wait it out for a year. Turn all of your hangers backwards in the closet. As you wear clothes, turn them around the right way, and at the end of the year, you’ll know what you never wear by the hangers that are still backwards. Get rid of those things! – its a good technique that shows you what you haven’t worn in a whole year – or you can do what I some times do, and just skim through photos and see what I have worn and what i havant worn, or what still has tags on it – and know for a fact that it was bought at least over a year ago!

4. If you are still hanging on to all those old books, such as teenage novels or old text books from high school, donate them to a local library or if you have one in your neighbourhood “the free little library”. You can find these outside Colleges, high schools and even some homes in suburban neighbourhoods. This is a great way to get rid of your old books, and know that someone else will be able to have the chance to read them and pass them on.

5. Clean under your bed, you never know what is under there, and its covered in dust you probably can get rid of it – because thats how long its been under your bed for and you haven’t even noticed its missing!

The Bathroom: I love to buy products from shoppers all the time, but this leads to so many random products that I never use or have expired from never being used!

6. Start with taking all the items off your bathroom counter and shower and wash down all your products . This is also a good way to start with narrowing down what you need and don’t. But first you have to make it clean!

7. Go through all the items in your bathroom, if its almost full and can’t remember the last time you have used it, or you don’t have a need for it anymore – toss it!

8. All the half empty to 3/4’s gone, or your body wash – pour them all into one container, you can also do this with shampoo – if its kind of the same type of shampoo.

9. Mason Jars – these are a great way to separate and organize cotton balls, q-tips, and even make-up brushes. You can buy different sizes of them from Michaels Art Store and even The Dollar store. If you want to make them fancy to make your bathroom – you can paint them, label them or even just add some string around the top for a finishing touch.

10. If you have drawers in your bathroom – use a kitchen utensil holder – this helps separate all different items, that you don’t want laying around on the top self of your bathroom.