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Fall / Winter Trends for 2016

I have seen a lot of the new trends that will be popping up in the stores and seen on the streets sooner then you can think that christmas is right around the corner, especially with this weather turning slightly colder then we are use to…Fall-in-to-Fall with these amazing new trends!

1. Shearling Bombers…these classic aviator bombers are going to be big hit this upcoming fall season, and the best thing about this style of jacket is that you are able to wear it with high heals, boots, or even runners with a dress – the jacket it so versatile that it goes with everything and anything.

My Top Picks for where to buy bomber jackets:
a. Wilfred
b. Free People
c. Zara
d. H&M

2. Turtlenecks Under Dresses… this is a style I remember being dressed in, back in the last 80’s early 90’s, and I wasn’t a fan, maybe because my mom didn’t pair the right turtleneck with the right dress. If this style is to be pulled off it has to be done with the perfect match of turtleneck and dress. Ill for sure be giving this a try when the weather calls for it!

My Top Picks for where to Turtleneck Dresses:
a. H&M

3. Paid Overcoats…paid have reinvented itself from being the grunge look to having a more sophisticated look this season. With designers like Victoria Beckham having her models walk the runway in paid overcoats with even paid dresses – this fabric design is making a more classy look back to street wear.

4. Velet Booties – thats right Velvet is back and is hotter then ever, especially on your feet! The simple block heel and round two goes gives this fabric a look that makes the fabric and the colour (depending on with one you go with – i suggest something other then black!) a great pop for its look. I just picked up a pair at Steve Madden – a dark red wine colour, and I am obsessed with them.

My Top Picks for where to buy bomber jackets:
a. Steve Madden
b. Zara

Last nights look that are in the trends: bomber jacket and velvet booties !

Booties – Steven Madden

Bomber Jacket – Wilfred


xoxo Ashley