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So for the past few times I have been to Vegas, I have literally gone there to relax and sight see , something I have never done before . The places I went were things I always thought were just for movies. I got to see the “little White Wedding Chapel”, the show where Pawn Stars is filmed – and roam around inside . I even saw a drive though wedding chapel- only in Vegas !

The dinners we are were delicious . We are at Mastros one night – but the other few nights were all local spots that you can only know if you live there.
Unfortunately my phone lost all my pictures . And today I went and upgraded to the most memory a phone can carry! So when I go back in a month I’ll take lots lots of photos for the upcoming blog post !
If you have only been to party in Las Vegas – take a few days off – maybe rent an AIRBNB rent a car and go see Navanda for what it really is . A beautiful state that has much more to offer then just the strip!



Until next time .
Xoxo Ashley