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For the past week and a few days, I have been travelling through Spain with two of my close girlfriends; a) to see the city, b) never been to Spain and c) its mine and my best friend Marla’s birthday.

We flew into Madrid and had a wonderful three days there. by our surprise it was World Pride – so the city was much more upbeat and lively then it usually is (or so i was told). The weather was, a sweltering 35+ degrees each day and even at night! We had three hour long brunches as we took in the scenery and did some people watching!
This was our Calm, before the very big hurrican that I would like name her Ibizia. She was Fast, Hot and Loud and lasted three nights. I have never been there before – because in my other life, I would have never left!! And now I know why.

We stayed at Ushuaia – which is like the Rave Night Club of Hotels. The girls and I stayed in the tower, but our friend who met us there got a room in the Club side of the hotel. Thank goodness for him. The view from his balcony was something you couldn’t pay for – if you were going to the event there as a non registered guest.

The first night there were went to Pacha for one of my all time favourite DJ’s – Solomun. He brings the music to a level that you ask yourself – how did one make these beats and have the ear for taking songs and putting a whole new funky twist on it!

Day two – David Guetta – at our hotel… I use to love him back when he first came out, but I found that he went to much in the wrong direction with his music. Well after his performance – I stand corrected. He owned up to his original title of being one of the best DJ’s. Maybe it was the energy of my friends but I could’t get enough of his set.

Day 3 – Hardwell….Also Marla’s Birthday – so the energy was even greater. We danced, we laughed we had a great time – of course!! as for his set – it was much like David Guetta – but truthfully not as good… The stage was made up with holograms which made it very fun to watch however a little bit hypnotizing.

The following day we jumped on a plane and arrived in Mallorca. This place literally has Cotton Candy sky’s when the sun is going down – thats how beautiful it is. We stayed at ME Hotel. Which for our benefit is right beside Nikki Beach. This is where the day party is taken to a level of service, entertainment and class. Everything about Nikki Beach is “Proper”. Even when we would reach our arm out for water someone would run over to get it for us. I appreciate service like this – when you are paying for a “Beach Day Bed” at “don’t ask how many” Euros – its nice to get your moneys worth. This is where I celebrated my Birthday. And I loved it. The music, the fun people we met and the molten chocolate lava cake they brought out for me.

If you have never been to Spain, I really recommend it 🙂