The Best Websites that you MUST shop NOW!

There has been a lot going on in my life, all for the positive – yes of course there are some negative times… but I know one thing that makes me happy, gets me lost on the computer for hour upon hour – and helps me escape my own thoughts…
Retail Therapy – from the comfort of your own bed.

here are a list of online amazing websites that has just about everything!

1. PUBLIC DESIRE – such an amazing shoes – they ship from the UK, but they come within a week, and the prices are something you wouldn’t want to pass up

2. KEEP – have you ever seen items on instagram, and wonder “where do these random items come from and where can I BUY this! well the website – has all the answers and all the products that you see on instagram.

3. THE SHOPPING BAG – without having to leave your house -this website gives you all your fashion needs and musts. check it out

4. Have you ever went to the store and bought a bottle of the product and then realize – a) you don’t like it or b) it expires before you could ever finish it… check out Beauty Box 5 – they ship you a box of little beauty products once a month. The best thing about this is that if you really like one of the products – you can go out and buy the full size
the other get cosmetic deliveries right to your door – try JULEP.COM – one of my favourite characteristic of these box is that is comes with CANDY! and right on their website – they provide an option to buy an item that was in your box – just in case you can’t find it at your local drug store or beauty shop.

5) MEUNDIES – Do you find that your underwear drawer is lacking some new fresh and comfortable under garments… then you have to, I MEAN HAVE TO, sign up with meundies – they send you a pair of understand with a different pattern once a month – and before you think they are just going to send me any style of underwear – think again, you can pick from an assortment of different underwear styles! my favourite are the booty boxer style. and did i mention they are the most comfortable underwear ever, if you don’t believe me – order a one month subscription – and if you don’t see them as comfortable – ill personally reimburse you!

6) WOLF & BADGER – this website has it all, from clothing and accessories to home decor and its not only for women, it also provides a great selection of mens clothing as well. Check it out for yourself!