While I am on the topic of Happiness..it seems to be the theme for week – I wanted to share with you some fun yet helpful and healthy ideas you can do to improve your HAPPINESS METER!

You have probably all been given the advice “Don’t sweat the small stuff” – well its actually the best advice you can get and use. when you stress about every little thing, down to the line up at Starbucks or the person in front of you at the ATM doing multiple transactions – if this frustrates you and you get yourself all worked up over it – you will walk around all day a. being miserable b. being negative towards everyone (probably) and most importantly c. think and being negative to yourself – and therefore…wont be happy. So, don’t sweat the small stuff… life happens… people get in line before you – its how you deal with it and accept it, that what makes you different then the person behind you at line (frustrated)!

Before you react over something small – this goes with the above – ask yourself this “will this matter tomorrow, in an hour, in a week, in a month” chances are the little things that are upsetting you wont matter after 10 minutes. The big issues in your life – or the big questions – they will register with your body in a different way – because they are life choices (THAT MATTER), not impulsive angry thoughts!

Remember the phone calls that we use to make and spend hours talking to our best friend – even though we are going to see them tomorrow at school, well when was the last time you picked up the phone and called someone – just to say hi…no other motive behind it – well this is a nice way to show someone that you care, and actually want to hear their voice!

“Do what make YOU happy, and be done with all the rest”

forgive the person that may have done something to you, this is actually easier then holding a grudge. Think about all the time and effort you have to put into disliking someone. Its actually time consuming, if you think about it. You avoid places they may be at, you don’t go to certain functions in ‘fear’ of running into them, and you go to sleep each night disliking someone (and then you wonder why you don’t have peaceful dreams!) Throw away and crush that grudge, it will actually make you a lot happier.

Always wake up in the morning with positive thoughts – I guarantee that if you start off your day thinking happy and positive, you will have a happier day and probably more productive

** these are just a few of my ideas and ways that I use to make myself happier – and therefore make the people around me happier, cause no one wants a negative unhappy around, nobody!