Lets Talk Health Today

Quick Health Facts that are as simple as 1 2 3 !!

Avocado…eating half an avocado during for lunch will decrease your desire to eat over the following 3 hours! Simply spread it on your sandwich at lunch or cut it up and toss it in your salad. No matter which way you like to eat it, eat half at lunch!!

When you LOVE your body and have a positive image of yourself – you will have a stronger relationship with your boyfriend and he will be more Satisfied 🙂

You are in risk by 29% of developing cancer if you have had nonmelanoma skin cancer. Please us sunscreen!!

Make Your Workouts Work

1. MISCOUNT – when your counting reps, don’t always count 1,2,3,4… etc, start counting after doing 4 or 5 or miscount when you are doing your reps. This way, you are doing more but tricking your body,

2. GRUNT – when you watch the men play tennis, all your hear is them release this loud grunt noise. This helps them stabilize your core. Try is the next time you are lifting really heavy weights – just let out a big GRUNT noise!

3. Workout Routine. I always stick to do something when its part of my everyday schedule. So nothing gets thrown off in my day. When it comes to workout, it should be the same. Have a song that you play as you are walking onto the gym floor, to get you pumped up and always listen to the same one, so you can be reminded about your previous workout and how good you felt!