“Signs” Restuarant

You know when you go to a restaurant in a different country, and you don’t know how to tell the server what you want to eat and they don’t understand what you are asking for? You wind up having to sign out the item on the menu in a way that your point is getting across and the server understands what you are asking for…This is the whole idea behind the newest restaurant in Toronto. “Signs” is based around “sign language”, and it is giving the deaf community an opportunity to work and be comfortable with themselves in an atmosphere that is designed for them.

The menu, like any other menu – appetizers, entrees and desserts, beverages, etc – are all listed on the menu, with sign language beside each item with a picture of a “how to” to order your desired dish. Located at Young and Wellesley – this is the newest restaurant to check out while your out in the city. Just make sure you and your guests are ready to use your hands and not your mouth upon walking in.