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GrailSprings and My Labyrinth Walk

I have always loved going to yoga retreat. I use to go to them in Hawaii when I lived in LA, but being in Toronto the flight would be too far to Hawaii. I have been in need of one for the past few months now, and I have finally been able to take the time and check in!! I have been at Grail Springs, since Friday and will be here for a total of 17 days. This place is magical. It is like adult camp, but with a full spa – who will treat your every need, horse back riding, a full dining room – with a chef that makes even the most vegan dishes – the most delicious, canoes, paddle boats, hot tube, saunas, WIFI(LOL), and a staff that is here to make you feel like your at home – well at someone else’s home.

The days here go by and you don’t even notice it is dinner time (6pm) and then by the end of dinner and the evening event (usually a nutrition talk, presentation on life, or a song by an artist – the list goes on)

Last night I did my first ever labyrinth walk. For those that don’t know what it is, as I was this person yesterday… it a path that is created, out of stone, grass, flowers – anything really. And the path is a done in a circle or a square motion with as little as three turns or up to as many as you desire. A single winding path. The way it is created is like a maze – however when you step into it you take three deep breaths and ask yourself something about life or about yourself (about anything you want) and when you are walking, you are to be given the answers along your path. It is a very spiritual walk, and for some in our group they didn’t participate and some left half way through- but I enjoyed it and thought it was a way to connect with nature and yourself.
This amazing lady that has been here with us, Debbie Danbrook as been taken us on this musical journey – and she lead us in the walk last night.

Fun FACT: there is the most beautiful labyrinth walk behind the Eaton Center in Downtown Toronto. It is called the “Trinity Labyrinth” Some of you that have seen it may think it is a random maze in the middle of the city, but it is not. The next time you are down there and are passing by, take 20 minutes and a few deep breaths and do the walk. Put all your problems and stress aside and I am sure you will feel better after doing this walk.