Grail Springs SPA

Grail Springs… this place has got to be the best kept secret in BANCROFT ONTARIO!!!

You know the feeling of checking into a spa for the day? Take for instance the Old Mill. When they give you a robe and flip flops and show you to the change room where there is a sauna that you can use after your treatments and there is cucumber water and tea for you to enjoy. Well imagine that but living there – all the way up north in the middle of no where, for no one to bother you, on a lake (with no power boats allowed – only canoes), an amazing chef that only cook vegan (but is damn good at it!!!), full staff to assist you with your ever need or want, horseback riding, sauna, hot tub and the list goes on. And well that is where I am posted up and have been for 5 days now and will be here in total for 17.

I have been trying to control myself with the spa treatments – just so when I check out my bill isn’t one to cry over!! I enjoyed a Austrian Moor Mud Detox Bath. It was amazing, and it was not actual mud – FYI. It was this liquid they placed in the bath tub that resembled all the nutrients of the mud, but without the messiness. The whole 45 minute process was relaxing and I could feel the toxins leaving my body!

With all the easy days, healthy food and spa treatments – I felt like I am not doing enough to get myself in physical shape. I have been detoxing and cleansing my mind, body and spirit – but my outer body needs work too. I decided to go today and join a local gym here in Bancroft. For 25$ I have unlimited access to the gym for the next 7 days. I am going to be there kicking my own ass – in-between my vegan dishes and spa treatments.

I just came from the Spa, I had a facial – and I must say – my face is looking good!!!