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Ashley Kyron
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I have an obsession with everything Nice, Chic, Delicious, and Pretty 🙂 I love to din out at restaurants, go for ridiculsly yummy cocktails, shop, travel, spoil myself at the spa and have a wonderful days spent with wonderful people.

Here is a List of ALL MY Favorite Things:

FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT (seafood): Rock Lobster, Rodneys Oyster Bar or when I am in the states – Mastros Steakhouse, The Ivy and
Sushi: Blowfish, Wabora or in the states – KOI, and of course my favorite KATSUYA! IMG_2737_edit_BlwfshEbiShooter-355x238


Steakhouse: The Keg (say its weird, but its great!!)
All around everything food: 416 SNACK BAR

FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP (cheap): ARDEN!!! This store is heaven for anyone that loves tank tops and loses them as much as I do. Earrings and accessories – 3 for 15$ you can NOT go wrong
Expensive: Free People – so chic with their bohemian style (located in Yorkville) that just understands my fashion needs. Of course there is Anthropology, BCBG (for the classic black and white and/or tight bandage skirt with loose top look) and then top is off with a trip to Holt Renfrew (but you may be wearing the same as everyone else), at least your odds are not as high as if you were go to Artitiza!


FAVORITE PLACES TO TRAVEL: Los Angeles – always my number one. It was my home for many years and will always remain close to my heart. NYC – for the more City life busy weekend trip. and Miami for one time a year and that is of course WMC

These days when it comes to travel, I like to do the more out of the box adventures. I have done the city travels, the all inclusive weekends in Mexico, but there is nothing greater then flying to a remote place and becoming one with that location.

I have been granted many opportunities to see the world, hands down the best place in the world, that I have seen thus far… PERU. What an experience that was. Second to that would of course be the somewhat home land and that is Greece. These two places as my all time favorites and will always be.
If you want to get on an extremely long flight – take a sleeping pill and head over to Hawaii (for a few nights as a stop over) and then continue your way to Austrilia. I went there years ago and can not wait to go back!!

On the bucket list for travels – Asia – I need to see it all so I am not even going to be specific when I say ASIA.

FAVORITE SPA: Toronto – there are some great spas in this wonderful city, but I have learned that the fanciest and the most expensive are not always the most thorough. Take The Old Mill Spa and Hotel. This place is classy and chic – the robe when you walk in with the cup of cucumber water or tea the smooth calm music and no cell phone rule. But $25 to take off my Shalac nail polish that was only on like 4 or 5 fingers by this point – a little over the top. The facials however- AMAZING!!! and the “EXPERIENCE” Even better

Cheap Nails and Great Job: The Beauty Line – downtown at King and Bathrust. They will have you in and out with the best looking Shalac nails and toes in less then an hour and it will not even cost as much as half an eye brow wax at the Old Mill.

Etobicoke Nails: Head over to Zen and ask for Hannah, she is the best and anyone that has been to her will tell you the same

Etobicoke Spa: Humbertown Village Spa and Dove Spa (on Dundas and Price Edward) – both are great, prices reasonable and they offer all sorts of fun treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and not stressed when the bill comes.

FAVORITE HOTEL: THE W Hotel – no matter where you are in the world (but Toronto) Go and Check yourself into the W and relax at the Bliss Spa. Arizona is by far the most amazing one and you will never want to stay anywhere else if you are in that part of America.

FAVORITE RETREAT: Grail Springs (Bancroft Ontario), Yoga Oasis (Hawaii)

I am trying to think of more of my favorite things.. To be continued !!