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What use to Stress us out, When we Were Kids in the 90’s

I came across this post from Buzzfeed.com and I wanted to share it.

Growing up in the actual 90’s – not being born in the 90’s – we saw some pretty funny toys, accessories and gimmicks that we as girls just HAD to have! All these gimmicks lead to these “problems” that seemed like a huge deal at the time (but they weren’t) Check out what the buzzfeed says and let me know which one stressed you out the most!!

1. Getting a truly stupid and embarrassing dare while playing “Girl Talk”


2. Losing your stick on-earring for that day – minutes after putting them on. – then having to use up a different earring for another day!

3. REMEMBER LIP SMACKERS? and remember leaving them in your jeans then having them go off to the laundry, worst thing ever!! Which Lip Smackers flavour was YOUR flavour?

4. Hair Wraps – remember the book on hair wraps that came with the instructions and the embroidery thread? and then we would let our friends do it for us and mess it up and having to cut it out – that was awesome LOL

5. instead of using nail polish – using MR.SKETCH SCENTED markers to decorate our nails in class – then having it go all over our clothes. Which marker was your favorite?? I LOVED the baby blue – what was that flavor??

6. Those damn pencils that had the pieces that made up the whole pencil – but if you lost one the pencil is garbage!

7. Blow up furniture – now please tell me what was the attraction? Don’t get me wrong, I had one – I think I bought mine from Clair’s and it was purple. But when that thing got old and inflated – 90’s girl problem!
untitled (2)

8. Dying your hair with Kool-Aid… I did this is grade 8 and no one taught my how to do it – so I ended up dying part of my face along with my hair with red Kool-Aid – it was awesome – NOT.
untitled (3)

9. Mall Madness Credit Card – is not the same in the real world!

and Finally

10. Buying the Abercrombie and Fitch “Catalog” and having your parents find it – thinking it was like some soft-core porn. In all honestly what kind of catalog has their models pose like that?