I have never been a fan of chocolate, but there is something about Nutella that makes me grab my spoon and pop off the lid and just dig in. I will put Nutella on anything and when I can’t find anything, I will just enjoy it “A La Carte”.

I was kind of upset with myself when I found out I missed national Nutella Day. What better way to spend February 5th then to indulge in my favorite food spread. I have decided that in respect to Nutella, who has done nothing but be there for me, I will post all the best Nutella recipes I can find and that are easy enough to make.

Lets Begin:

1. Nutella A La Carte – this includes a spoon (just in case someone is watching you wouldn’t want them to see you dig in with your finger) and the other ingredient is well the nutella!

2. Nutella and Banana on a Crepe – this one is a little trickey therefore I highly recommend heading to a bakery and getting one made. there is a place in Sheway Garden – Crepe Delicious – and it is for sure delicious!! ask them for a little extra of each and you will be in Nutella Heaven!


3.  Nutella stuffed Strawberries – this is exactly what it sounds like. Grab and wash some fresh red strawberries – cut off the top and make an opening in on the top flat part and then just add your desirable amount of nutella to it and then enjoy


4.  Haagen Dazs vanilla ice-cream toped with warm Nutella – this gets a little messy and the Nutella gets cold and almost freezes fast, but it is more then worth it. Each bit make sure you have a little bit of Nutella and a little bit of ice-cream and together it is a wonderful spoonful 🙂