Stone Crab in Florida

I am very into Seafood – bottom line, I love it and I think that people that don’t eat it – need to start eating it! My favorite seafood has to be Oysters, I can eat them by the dozens. However, I also do LOVE Crab, all types of Crab (as long as it is real crab and not imitation crab like they have in some sushi rolls!). Well over the past few days I have been relaxing in Florida and luckily it is STONE CRAB SEASON!! This time of the year starts October 15th and ends May 15th. A fun fact I didn’t know about the Stone Crab is that when the fisherman catch the crabs, they only take one claw from the crab which has to be measured around 2 3/4 inches in width, then once they take the claw they throw the crab back in the ocean. This claw is then able to grow back, which takes around 12-24 months. The crab is never killed, and this is so that the species is always going to be around. The stone crab is a special species that we have to protect if we want to continue to enjoy the delicious meat they supply!