Cooking Class – Croissants!

My friend Brooke and I have been doing fun creative activities during the week – trying to make ourselves more domesticated (I guess) LOL. A few weeks ago we did a flower arranging class and then this past week we did a cooking class where we learned how to make three different flavor croissants – plain, chocolate and almond. It was fun because we first started out with just making the croissants, but then while we were waiting for the dough to raise before putting them in the oven, we learned how to make the dough, which I learned is pretty much just flour, butter, salt and LOTS MORE BUTTER!! I guess that’s how and why they taste so great!!

The secret though to the great golden croissant is to brush some egg and water mixture over the dough, just before they head into the oven!

Check out the pictures of our croissants, and if you have any recipes or tips – please let me know!!