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DIY Floral Arranging Workshop

Last week my friend called me and asked if I wanted to do a flower arranging workshop with, I have always had a weird thing for random acts of creativeness and so this workshop was right up my ally. The workshop took place at a clothing store on Queen Street in Toronto called, Bicyclette Boutique. The workshop started at 7 pm, but we went a little early to look around the store at all the fun clothes it has, and when you do the workshop you get like 10 or 15% off the clothes! Me and my two friends, Brooke and Tab, went together and it was a bonus when we found out there was wine and donuts! We watched as Becky (the girl who was teaching us) showed us how to arrange the pot and then we were on our own with doing it ourselves. We were told that when making flower arrangements our true personalities come out in it. All three of ours were very different just like all three of us are very different with our personalities (so I guess she was right)!

She is putting on another workshop on November 6th from 7-9pm, and I highly recommend going, email here at becky@blushandbloom.ca !!