The Leafs Are Back!

The last time I saw the leafs play I was left sad and disappointed with our team, when they lost in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the over time gave every Maple Leafs fan still remembers – the over time game that went from us thinking we were going to win the game to us leaving the bar all crying. However, the Leafs are back and are on three game winning streak!! On the 1st we played our first game against Montreal – the game was more of a boxing match then it was a hockey game – but with some goals every period! We won the game 4-3 !! The next night we played against Philadelphia. The game was such a boring game, but I guess any game would seem boring compared to the one the night before! We still won the game against the Flyers 3-1.

The home opener game on Saturday October 5th against Ottawa was a game ill never forget!! My friend and I went down to the ACC to see the game, and knowing in the back of my head that we have already played and won 2 games – there may be a chance we weren’t going to be as lucky. I was WRONG!! the game went into a 5 min overtime with no goals scored. Next up came the shoot out!! I was on the edge of my seat watching this go down. We won the shoot out leaving the final score 5-4 !! Everyone in the ACC cheering and going crazy!

We have won the first 3 games we have played, lets hope that we can keep this going and win the game tomorrow when we play Colorado! GO LEAFS GO!!!