A Magical Day at Disney World

I have found the key to making yourself feel like a little girl again. I am currently sitting in my hotel room after a long morning and mid afternoon adventure at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I went there today with my mom, and the two of us just felt like we were young again. After I walked in there, within a minute I had Minnie Mouse ears on and was right back to where I was when I was a little girl. At the age of 27, I still have this urge to be a little girl at heart and that is where Disney World comes into play!!


We started the day off with a nice walk up ride – Space Mountain! The ride takes you on a dark indoor roller coaster where the speed is fast but there are no upside down parts, so that the ride it fun for everyone! 20130928-171453.jpg

From there we went on the “People Mover”, it is a slow train that takes you through all of “TomorrowLand” including some ride to give you a birds eye view of the park. The Carousal of Progress was next – its a sit down animated “show” that takes you through the decades of technology – from the 20’s until present. Peter Pan Flight was a cute little kid ride that had you fly over London and Never Land! A classic – It’s a Small World, was of course on our do see list. My mother was the most excited because is brought back so many memories for her, as she would take us on that ride when we were young. For a great cool off, which we needed because today was super hot, Splash Mountain was perfect for us, we sat in the front and got a little more wet then we wanted but it was a fun refreshing ride. As the afternoon was coming to an end, and my mother and I both wanted a glass of wine and a nap we have decided to leave and head back to the park around 6pm. We still have to do “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Disney’s “Haunted Mansion”! I cant wait to get back there and get back into little kid mode!!

For the little kid in all of us – Disneyworld is the place to be, grab some ears and comfortable shoes and have a great time!



As night time came along, the world of Disney sparkled with all the lights- it was gorgeous to see Disneyworld at night time!