Arrested Development – Season 4

I am not sure if you have all been as excited as I am that Netflix funded Arrested Development to return back for a 4th season, after leaving the air in 2006, about 7 years later the epic two show is about to make a come back but only on Netflix. The ever popular streaming internet company has brought it back for 15 episodes , totaling 8.5 hours of enjoyment!

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of this show its about a wealthy family whose father is arrested for stealing from the company and the one son who “has no choice but to keep them all together”. The family is kind of like your average messed up rich family, with a sister who doesn’t work who’s married to a very interesting man and they have a daughter that they don’t really pay attention to, and then the brother who wants to be a magician (but is really bad at it) and then a younger brother who is still a mama’s boy and then the mother who thoroughly enjoys her vodka. The son, Michele who is trying to keep them together also has a son who is in love with his cousin. Anyways you probably get the point, that it is one messed up family, and very fun to watch.

Netflix is airing the show tomorrow on Netflix – so if you haven’t watched season one – three: GET ON IT!!

…its arrested development !