The Benefits of the Sauna

We have always had a sauna in our house, but we have only used it when we were little and our parents didn’t want us to get cold as we got out of the pool. Now as we have grown older, we don’t need to be hurried into the sauna after the pool, we use it for our health benefits. I am trying to get myself into the sauna every night for at least 15 minutes, a minimum of 15 minutes in the sauna can do wonders for the body.

The Top Health Benefits of going in the Sauna:

1. Relieves Stress
2. Relaxes muscles, and soothes aches and pains in your muscles
3. Flushes Toxins
4. Cleanses Skin
5. Induces a deeper sleep
6. Improves Cardiovascular Performance
7. Burns Calories
8. Fights illnesses
9. Just feels good
10. Social benefits (great for openness, quiet conversation and intimacy)