It is finally time for us to bust out the bikinis and with the summer in Toronto only being a few months long – we need to take advantage of the fun summer weather clothing every moment we have!

I am a big fan of bikinis, and I am always trying to find stores that have great bikinis that are fun and colorful, that scream summer time but yet also flattering to the body, oh and of course that are not going to cost as much as a pair of Louboutin shoes.

I have to admit that one of the best places for bathing suits is Target. If you have never seen the bathing suit selection at Target, you have to check it out. All their bikinis are about 15$ for the top and 15$ for the bottoms. Yes a lot of the styles are knock offs from Victoria’s Secret – but they are more then half of the cost.

Top Shop – probably one of my favorite stores ever, is now the store I can not wait for to start shopping at for bikinis!!!

The other places that I like for bikinis are Crispy Bikini .com – all of them are costume made bikinis and they have many, MANY different styles and about 50 different colors. The cost of the bikinis are affordable, tops are around 60$ and same for the bottoms. All the bikinis that Crispy Bikini send out to their customers are hand made in California made specially for the order.

If these two don’t work for you, you can always trust the bikinis at Victoria’s Secret – they fit well and their cute and stylish – but don’t be surprised if when you go to a pool party or summer get together there are going to be at least two other people wearing the same one. Lastly H&M and American Apparel always have very cheap and cute bikinis that will be great for weekend getaways to a cottage!