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Rock Lobster – Ashley Kyron
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Rock Lobster

I have always had a serious love for seafood – and my number one has always been lobster. When I found a restaurant on Ossington (and Queen) that was called “Rock Lobster” I just had to try it. The location is in a hip neighborhood that consists of mostly bars, restaurants and funky vintage type clothing stores. The inside of the restaurant is small with only a few tables at the front, a few high top bar seats that outlook onto the street, and then in the middle is the highlight of the restaurant with a giant bar that has many seats around it for patrons to sit and enjoy a drink and even some food if they wish to eat there. They have a large selection of chilled seafood that people can check out as they walk into the restaurant – just to see what they are about to start enjoying!

My favorite two items on the menu is hands down the LOBSTER ROLL and the LOBSTER CAPPUCCINO (LOBSTER BISQUE). The roll is a perfect size for you to enjoy it but not be too full from eating it, the mixture of the warm buttery bun and the cold fresh crab makes the two or three bit lobster roll just perfect! The Lobster Cappuccino is in an actual cappuccino glass which makes it easy to drink up all the goodness. The bisque is creamy and is filled with full pieces of lobster, none of that lobster bisque when there is no actual lobster pieces!! I highly recommend Rock Lobster, its great for a casual delicious dinner with friends. Be sure to keep an eye out for the second location that they are opening – its going to have a patio: LOBSTER + PATIO = GREAT SUMMER SPOT!!