If you have never heard of you have been missing out! I want to take this time to share with you my love for this online clothing company. Let me tell you the ways about how much this store is great!!

1. The clothing ships from the UK and it ships fast, and if you don’t like something you ordered you can send it back for exchange for free – oh AND shipping is free to you as well!

2. They always, ALWAYS have a sale going on – and clothing is priced down so low, that you cant say no!!

3. Not only do they sell their own brand, but they also sell hundreds of other brands, which those too are always on sale and ship for free.

4. They have a system within the website that is called ASOS Marketplace – where you can sell back your vintage (ish) clothing to them!

Those are all the reasons why I LOVE ASOS!! Here are a few items of my most recent purchases! Let me know what you think!!

image1xl (4)

image1xl (5)



image4xl (2)

image1xl (3)

image1xl (2)



I can not wait to wear my new clothes – I just need the weather to warm up!!