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Are People Really Buying These Products??

I am all for making our lives easier, but these new products are just for the down right lazy, bored and people that enjoy making things once and then never using them again. Have people become so consumed with products that they think they need them? Or are they lazy, and or busy that they cant do anything for themselves anymore?

Take a look at these products that are real, and they are available on amazon.com – In case you want them!!


Do you want to save the other half of your banana ? Now you can !!


Can’t slice up your own hotdog, now this product will do it for you!


If you have an urge to make smores, this product will do it for you!


Can’t twist your own spaghetti? The twister will do it for you!

If you do have the urge to buy these products, please let me know, I would love to know how the smores maker, makes out!

(via Gizmodo)