Boehmer restaurant

I enjoyed a delicious dinner the other night at Boehmer, which is in Toronto – just off Queen at 93 Ossington Ave.
From the moment I walked in, everything made me love the restaurant more and more. The big dining room is light up nice and bright with unique lighting fixtures. There are small tables at the front that seat 2 and 4 people, but then for a bigger group dinner there is a large bench type table that seats about 15-18 people. What surprised me the most and made me enjoy the wait, was the waiting room that was in the middle of the dining room but off to the side with its own cut out in the wall. In here there are leather seats that wrap around the room, and then wood tables – so you can enjoy a drink while you wait. I liked this because it wasn’t uncomfortable for us who was waiting ( standing around people as they enjoy their personal dinner) and it was probably more comfortable for the people that were eating, so they didn’t have people standing around looking at them as they eat.

However, my most favorite part of the whole night, was of course the food! I started off with Tuna Tartar – which was the perfect size for an appetizer and the dish came with a tiny salad laying on top of the tuna. My main course was Shrimp and Scallops sitting on a layer of very light curry sauce. I was worried about the curry, but it was very light that it wasn’t even curry, it was just a perfect addition to the meal. Finally, in my opinion, no dinner is complete without oysters! So I enjoyed 4 small East Coast oysters as a side to my dinner.

I highly recommend Boehmer Restaurant!! Check it out, and I hope you enjoy your dinner as much as I did!