Virgin Airlines Does it Again!!

Virgin Airlines has always been one to set the bar for unique décor of a plane, and now they have taken it one set further – they are proud to introduce the first ever glass bottom plane. Normally you would see a glass bottom on a boat to be able to explore the oceans beauty, but now you are able to be 32,000 feet above land and be able to look down and not just from your window seat. The glass is only the walking strip through the aisles, so as you are walking (or if you are the brave one and have a aisle seat) you are able to see everything what lies below you.


The launch of this new glass bottom plane is going to coincide with the launch of the Virgin Atlantic Airways, first domestic service to Scotland.

I can not wait to experience this flight, I have never had a problem with flying, like some people I have flown with that are literally holding on to their arm rest (like its going to save them)! whenever this plane is up and ready for me, I will be on it!