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Fruit vs. Fruit Juice

Now a days we are all so busy to go out and buy some fruit go home and wash it and then eventually eat it, and if we buy too much we have rotten fruit in our fridge (no one wants that). So we think that if we buy a fruit juice from a local grocery store or a booster juice we will get all the nutrients that we need for the day. Well this is wrong. Bottled juice is just a bottle of sugar with just juice flavoring. if you actually look at the ingredients for bottled “healthy” juice you will see that they clearly state juice from concentrate – it is not even fresh fruit blended!! The only way you can get everything you need that fruit offers is just by eating the straight up raw source.

Check out the chart and you will see all the nutrients that fruit offers, but remember that this is only really true when consumed in its raw state, not in a bottle of fake juice.