Saturday Afternon!

When the season is changing from the cold winter we just endured to now what feels like spring – with the sun shinning and the trees starting to grow their leaves, you want to start spending your Saturday afternoons outside, no more lazy days on the couch in front of the fire place!

Here is a list of my favorite things to do on a nice sunny afternoon:

1. Go for a long walk around the neighborhood and check out any new little boutiques or restaurants that have opened.

2. Meet up with your friends and spend the day patio hopping

3. Instead of going to the gym inside, why not grab some equipment and work out in your local park, all you will really need is a skipping rope, and a two 5 pound weights.

4. It may have been something you did when you were younger, but when was the last time you went to the ZOO? Go check out your local ZOO!

5. And the most relaxing thing to do, find a big grass field and just lay down and look up at the clouds.

Have a Great Saturday Afternoon!